In recent years, hardwood flooring has gained a lot of popularity. Already, wood flooring trends for 2018 are being dominated by hardwood. But why are so many people opting for hardwood flooring? Perhaps it’s because these floors are comfortable, warm, stylish, natural, durable, and timeless. The following hardwood floor trends are set to dominate flooring in 2018.

1. Dark Colours Will Rule

Increasingly, more people are opting for darker and darker colours. It looks like style is winning over maintenance as darker colours continue to rule. However, there are those who are going for slightly lighter colours because they consider them easier to maintain. In this race for darker and not-so-dark hardwood, cool tones are having a field day while warm tones take a back seat.

2. Blending Greys with White Washes

Grey flooring is a classic that most people can’t seem to get enough of. Recently, homeowners have been blending grey wood floors with whites and browns to produce that white-washed or beige finish.

3. Shades of Light and Natural Colours

For those who, for one reason or another, are keeping away from darker colours, light, natural, muted colours are proving almost as popular. However, the trend is still in the direction of cooler tones.

4. All-Natural-Looking Finishes

The current trends are towards natural-looking finishes that are low lustre. Satin and matte finishes have become very popular. The past trends of glossy and semi-gloss finishes are being replaced.

5. Move Towards Environmentally Friendly Finishes

The year 2018 is all about using materials and applying finishes that are easy on the eye and kind to the environment.

6. Durability

Hardwood flooring has gained popularity as people show a preference towards floors with high durability. A durable floor should be able to take as much punishment as possible and yet retain its sturdiness and lustre for a prolonged duration. Hardwood floors carry the day as the perfect wood flooring choice for durability.

7. Low Maintenance

In some cases, low maintenance is winning over style. Luckily, with hardwood flooring, you get both. Hardwood floors lend themselves to low maintenance since they are very easy to clean. The fact that hardwood surfaces are sturdy also means that damages to the floor are kept to a minimum.

8. Wire-Brushed Textured Finishes

Although these are not new, their popularity is set to rise in 2018. Most people want that “lived-in” look and feel that comes with hardwood flooring. Besides being durable, a hardwood floor looks absolutely gorgeous.

9. Rustic, Rustic, and More Rustic Floors!

This is another trend that is fueling the hardwood flooring craze. Hardwood flooring applied on different surfaces in your home exudes that rustic country feel that makes you feel connected to nature.

10. Neutral Colours Are All the Rave

The year 2018 is also seeing a huge demand for neutral colours that blend easily with the rest of the home’s décor. Rather than having their floors scream colours, most people are opting for the more muted colours.

Hardwood flooring is not going anywhere any time soon. The fact that this type of flooring is sturdy, yet appealing, makes it an ideal choice for many.

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