Indoor air quality (IAQ) may not be the first thing that comes to mind when homeowners thing of flooring installations, but choosing natural wood flooring and materials can actually make quite a difference. Other types of floors are frequently responsible for trapping dust, pet fur and other particulate that may reduce IAQ to uncomfortable levels. Installing new floors can go a long way towards ensuring issues with IAQ are able to be addressed.

1. Carpets May Harbor Numerous Allergens

Even when cleaned regularly, carpet fibers may contain high quantities of pollutants. A dirty carpet or rug can cause no end of problems, especially for those who may suffer from a respiratory ailment. Removing carpeting and installing natural wood flooring can improve the aesthetic, create a more comfortable space and help to reduce the volume of dust and other airborne particulate that may circulating within an interior environment.

2. Eliminate Debris Trapped in Grout Lines

While tiled or stone floors may be a better bet than carpet, they may still leave a great deal to be desired. The nooks, crannies and grout lines typical of such installations may trap and collect debris tracked in from outside the home. Replacing these installations with wood floors can greatly reduce the time and effort that may be required to remove dirt, dust and even other pollutants that might cause problems.

3. Laminates May Be Difficult to Clean

At first glance, laminates and other synthetic materials may seem to be on par with wood flooring. Laminate floors that are more easily damaged can be notoriously difficult to maintain. Failing to sweep or mop regularly for fear of the wear and tear that floor may suffer can be the source of many IAQ problems within the home. Wood floors are tough enough to withstand the more vigorous and ongoing cleaning efforts needed to create a more ideal environment.

4. Hardwood Materials Ensure Ease of Maintenance

Kicking up dust while vacuuming carpets is a very common problem. Cleaning laminate floors may also have a negative impact on comfort levels due to the use of specialized products, agents and other chemicals which may be involved. Dealing with lingering odors whenever the floors are cleaned can quickly become a source of discomfort and frustration. The ease of maintenance, greater durability and overall value that only wood flooring can provide makes natural wood the material of choice for households that are concerned with their IAQ.

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