Hardwood floors are one of the few such elements which can enhance the beauty of your homes by multiple times. You wouldn’t want the elegance of its look to be sacrificed by a few faults of your contractor. Therefore, to make sure that you have hired an able and trusted flooring contractor, you should inquire him/her regarding various aspects. Here are 5 such questions you must ask your contractor before signing the contract:

1. What kind of wood floor is right for me?

There are a lot of things to be looked at before deciding what type of hardwood flooring would actually suit your home. A contractor should have the right idea about the environment around your home which can affect the wood quality. Hardwood flooring Toronto comes handy when dealing with these situations.

2. What is your expected installation time?

You would want your work to be done in quick time. Asking the approximate time is important, as the contractors tend to consume more time than required in order to earn more.

3. What is your approximate installation charge?

Beware of the extra charges included in your budget list. Make sure that the contractor doesn’t cheat you by adding illegitimate charges and unnecessary additions to the list.

4. Are you certified?

Talking about the legal aspects is of utmost importance, as it makes you safe from the troubles you can land into with an illegal contractor. Any government certificate ensuring the registration or authenticity of the flooring company is a must.

5. Do you have references from your past customers?

No one can give a better feedback than the past customers that the contractor has worked with. Do ask your contractor for a reference from its past customers. Positive references would make you feel secure about your flooring.

Moreover, try to maintain a smooth communicate with your contractor so that you get to talk about the changes, share your ideas and make your home a beautiful place to live in. More the conversation, more the creativity.

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