Hardwood floors are not as easy to maintain as most people think. Homeowners should be careful when cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors to keep them intact. These cleaning tips will help you keep your wood flooring polished for several years.

1. Vacuum your floor weekly

You probably do this, but you need to repeat it often. A good vacuuming will protect the finish of your hardwood floor and keep up its appearance. When vacuuming, you should use a felt surface or an attachment with a brush that runs along the floor. You should avoid using rotating brushes because they scratch the floor’s finish.

2. Watch the hairspray and furniture polish

When cleaning your hardwood floor using furniture polish or hairspray, you need to wipe them up immediately using a damp cloth. Both cleaning supplies cloud the finish of your floor. You can also use a non-ammonia window to have a thorough clean on your hardwood floor.

3. Keep out the rain

Water not only ruins the finish of your hardwood floor but also penetrates into the wood, which stains it. You should close your windows before the rains come. You should also put trays under your potted plants. Also, make sure you wipe up water after the rains or after cleaning such that you don’t see any traces of water on the floor.

4. Invest in furniture pads

Constant use of furniture in your house can cause scratches on your wooden floor. Even if you don’t often move your furniture, you ought to buy furniture pads to place on all the legs of your furniture. That way, you can be sure your wooden floor will look new throughout the years. The pads will also give you an easy time every time you want to move the furniture.

5. Protect high-traffic zones with area rugs

High traffic damages wood flooring because it causes wear. You can use nice-looking mats to reduce the wear. However, ensure that you have rubber or vinyl backing to trap humidity, which damages the finishing of your wood flooring or stains the wood.

6. Use extra-long doormats

Usually, people coming into your house remove their shoes as they enter the house. That helps in trapping dirt, ice, water or salt and preventing them from trekking into the wooden floor. However, sometimes people don’t remove shoes, so using doormats inside the house will help in keeping off the dirt. You should invest in a more extended front door mat that will lead up to the door because people tend to rub moisture and dust off their shoes as they walk into the house. That way, you don’t damage your floor because most people don’t want to wipe the dirt on their feet but they will rub it off on the floor.

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