Choosing the perfect material for your new floors can lead you in many different directions. Hardwood flooring is gaining in popularity due to the relatively low maintenance costs. Below are six ways you can help keep the surface of your wood floor looking as great as the first day it is installed.

1. Keep the Floor Swept

All types of small debris can get carried in on clothing and other items. These can end up on the surface of your wood floors. Once they are stepped on it can cause an indentation or scratch. Keeping the floor swept is one way to make sure you do not have this sort of problem lurking.

2. Use Wood-Friendly Cleaners

Myriads of cleaners are available for general household cleaning, but only a few are considered safe for wood floors. When it comes to hardwood flooring, the gentler the product is, the better. make sure it is rated to be kind to your beautiful floors.

3. Lift Instead of Dragging

Inadvertent scratches can and will happen when you attempt to drag an item rather than bend and lift. It is worth taking a few extra minutes to move items safely over the surface of a wood floor. An object like a cart or tricycle can roll on wheels but lift and carry these items if they have been rolling on surfaces outside. They may have small pebbles or other debris caught in their wheels that can scratch the floors.

4. Keep Loose Items Off Floor

A wood floor is not the best area of the house to stack items like chopped wood for the fireplace, toys, or store bicycles. You should place protective coasters under the legs of all tables, chairs, and couches. These extra steps taken to preserve the surface will prove helpful.

5. Trim Pet Nails

It is never hard to know where your dog is when you hear the familiar click of their nails on the wood flooring. Their ability to jump on and off furniture with long nails can prove harmful to the surface of your wood floors over time. They can accidentally dig a claw into the wood and leave the surface marred. Keep the nails trimmed for their comfort and the benefit of your wood floor finish.

6. Rug Placement

You need to use strategic placement of area rugs in locations that see heavy foot traffic or have the potential of having heavy items set on the surface. Placing rugs in front of play areas, closets, entryway doors and in hallways are all recommended.

The attention you give to the care of wood flooring will help guarantee that the surface remains looking as good as new for years to come.

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