When it comes to choosing between the hardwood and softwood floors, the hardwood floors tick all the right boxes. From durability to appearance, a hardwood floor will give you decades of service at no extra cost.

Hardwood flooring maintenance
If you do not want the hardwood floor to show the signs of abuse in the heavy traffic areas, regular polishing is advisable. Regular polishing helps to maintain the appearance of this wood floor as well as the value of your home. Before installing a hardwood floor, ensure that you undertake a thorough anti-termite treatment to protect your floor from termite damage. Ensure that the base drains properly before you install the floor to prevent the stagnation of water. Dry the floor completely when mopping to eliminate the water that could cause extensive damage. Avoid installing these floors in the bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. Avoid high heels, pet nails, or heavy traffic that could scratch the surface.

Hardwoods are renowned for their tensile strength. Oak is a slow-growing tree that takes some time to grow and strengthen its grains. Oak is a favorite choice for the construction of floor and furniture since it is extremely durable and strong. Besides the strong cellular structure, hardwoods have a unique appearance that suits an array of styles. You can also use several hardwood species to create one engineered wood floor. If you mix the reddish cedar and dark oaks, you can create a rare appearance that looks rustic.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring
The following are some of the reasons why the hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular in the residential buildings:
• Hardwood floors introduce a look of opulence and coziness to your home’s interior
• Hardwood floors age gracefully, meaning that their appearance improve with time
Hardwood flooring Toronto lasts for a lifetime, and the antique woods are a living testimony of this fact
• These floors attract less dust, meaning that they are not only easy to clean, but also healthy since they do not hold the allergens
• The hardwood floors resist the water damage, meaning that they are less prone to mold and mildew development
• These floors are less prone to damage or breakage, especially when a heavy object falls on them
• Since the planks are quite wide and heavy, they can mask the flaws of the underlying surface compared to the thin softwood planks and laminates
• The floors guarantee immense thermal comfort
• Like other wood floors, hardwoods are comfortable for the kids, especially during the cold season when floors become icy.

Besides the comfort and appearance, hardwood floors are easy to clean. With an occasional sweep and a regular mop, the floor will look beautiful for years. By sanding and applying some varnish, the floor can look as good as new.

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