In recent years, hardwood flooring has gained a lot of popularity. Already, wood flooring trends for 2018 are being dominated by hardwood. But why are so many people opting for hardwood flooring? Perhaps it’s because these floors are comfortable, warm, stylish, natural, durable, and timeless. The following hardwood floor trends are set to dominate flooring in 2018.

1. Dark Colours Will Rule

Increasingly, more people are opting for darker and darker colours. It looks like style is winning over maintenance as darker colours continue to rule. However, there are those who are going for slightly lighter colours because they consider them easier to maintain. In this race for darker and not-so-dark hardwood, cool tones are having a field day while warm tones take a back seat.

2. Blending Greys with White Washes

Grey flooring is a classic that most people can’t seem to get enough of. Recently, homeowners have been blending grey wood floors with whites and browns to produce that white-washed or beige finish.

3. Shades of Light and Natural Colours

For those who, for one reason or another, are keeping away from darker colours, light, natural, muted colours are proving almost as popular. However, the trend is still in the direction of cooler tones.

4. All-Natural-Looking Finishes

The current trends are towards natural-looking finishes that are low lustre. Satin and matte finishes have become very popular. The past trends of glossy and semi-gloss finishes are being replaced.

5. Move Towards Environmentally Friendly Finishes

The year 2018 is all about using materials and applying finishes that are easy on the eye and kind to the environment.

6. Durability

Hardwood flooring has gained popularity as people show a preference towards floors with high durability. A durable floor should be able to take as much punishment as possible and yet retain its sturdiness and lustre for a prolonged duration. Hardwood floors carry the day as the perfect wood flooring choice for durability.

7. Low Maintenance

In some cases, low maintenance is winning over style. Luckily, with hardwood flooring, you get both. Hardwood floors lend themselves to low maintenance since they are very easy to clean. The fact that hardwood surfaces are sturdy also means that damages to the floor are kept to a minimum.

8. Wire-Brushed Textured Finishes

Although these are not new, their popularity is set to rise in 2018. Most people want that “lived-in” look and feel that comes with hardwood flooring. Besides being durable, a hardwood floor looks absolutely gorgeous.

9. Rustic, Rustic, and More Rustic Floors!

This is another trend that is fueling the hardwood flooring craze. Hardwood flooring applied on different surfaces in your home exudes that rustic country feel that makes you feel connected to nature.

10. Neutral Colours Are All the Rave

The year 2018 is also seeing a huge demand for neutral colours that blend easily with the rest of the home’s décor. Rather than having their floors scream colours, most people are opting for the more muted colours.

Hardwood flooring is not going anywhere any time soon. The fact that this type of flooring is sturdy, yet appealing, makes it an ideal choice for many.

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If you like the look of wood floors, you already know you can choose between real wood and laminate, which looks like wood but costs much less. Regardless of which one you choose, wooden floors are beautiful and strong, but there are some advantages of choosing the real wood flooring over the laminate. Both, of course, have many advantages and strengths, but here are a few of the ways real wood floors beat laminate every time.

1. Easy to Install

Even if you choose to install these floors yourself, real wood floors are easy to install, especially if you choose the finished variety.

2. They are Very Durable and Strong

You can put wooden floors through almost anything without worrying about how they are going to withstand the activity, even if you install them in a high-traffic area.

3. Acoustics are Much Better

With wooden floors, you never have to worry about vibrations or hollow sounds, because the sturdiness guarantees they will be quiet.

4. They Remain Attractive for a Very Long Time

Wooden floors enjoy timeless beauty, keeping their attractiveness year after year, while requiring only basic maintenance and cleaning.

5. The Floors are Easy to Clean

This is a big perk; real wooden floors are slow to gather dust and dirt, so all you need to do is give them a weekly sweeping and do your best to keep them dry.

6. They Have an Elegant Look

Wooden floors have an elegant, unique look that is hard to duplicate with other types of flooring.

7. Wooden Floors are a Great Investment

With a cost that is only slightly higher than laminate flooring, these floors tend to last a lot longer, making them a great investment for homes and offices alike.

8. The Variety May Surprise You

Wooden floors are made with all types of wood, including pine, oak, and maple, which means you can easily find flooring that is the perfect colour and design for you.

9. They are Better for Your Air Quality

Because wooden floors have no fibres, embossing, or grout lines, they cannot trap pollen, animal dander, or allergens like these other features often do. This results in an indoor air quality that is very high, making wooden floors great for the very young and the very old.

Finding real wood floors is much easier than you think, especially if you start online. Most flooring stores have excellent websites that allow you to get the information you need to familiarise yourself with this wonderful product, and they provide full-colour photographs

for you to view the products for yourself. Wooden floors can be light or dark, detailed or plain, and they do a great job of matching your décor every time. Whether your home or office is small or large, contemporary or traditional, these floors do a great job of complementing it, and their durability and attractiveness means you’ll be able to show them off for many years to come, making this the perfect type of flooring for everyone.

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Hardwood floors are not as easy to maintain as most people think. Homeowners should be careful when cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors to keep them intact. These cleaning tips will help you keep your wood flooring polished for several years.

1. Vacuum your floor weekly

You probably do this, but you need to repeat it often. A good vacuuming will protect the finish of your hardwood floor and keep up its appearance. When vacuuming, you should use a felt surface or an attachment with a brush that runs along the floor. You should avoid using rotating brushes because they scratch the floor’s finish.

2. Watch the hairspray and furniture polish

When cleaning your hardwood floor using furniture polish or hairspray, you need to wipe them up immediately using a damp cloth. Both cleaning supplies cloud the finish of your floor. You can also use a non-ammonia window to have a thorough clean on your hardwood floor.

3. Keep out the rain

Water not only ruins the finish of your hardwood floor but also penetrates into the wood, which stains it. You should close your windows before the rains come. You should also put trays under your potted plants. Also, make sure you wipe up water after the rains or after cleaning such that you don’t see any traces of water on the floor.

4. Invest in furniture pads

Constant use of furniture in your house can cause scratches on your wooden floor. Even if you don’t often move your furniture, you ought to buy furniture pads to place on all the legs of your furniture. That way, you can be sure your wooden floor will look new throughout the years. The pads will also give you an easy time every time you want to move the furniture.

5. Protect high-traffic zones with area rugs

High traffic damages wood flooring because it causes wear. You can use nice-looking mats to reduce the wear. However, ensure that you have rubber or vinyl backing to trap humidity, which damages the finishing of your wood flooring or stains the wood.

6. Use extra-long doormats

Usually, people coming into your house remove their shoes as they enter the house. That helps in trapping dirt, ice, water or salt and preventing them from trekking into the wooden floor. However, sometimes people don’t remove shoes, so using doormats inside the house will help in keeping off the dirt. You should invest in a more extended front door mat that will lead up to the door because people tend to rub moisture and dust off their shoes as they walk into the house. That way, you don’t damage your floor because most people don’t want to wipe the dirt on their feet but they will rub it off on the floor.

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Indoor air quality (IAQ) may not be the first thing that comes to mind when homeowners thing of flooring installations, but choosing natural wood flooring and materials can actually make quite a difference. Other types of floors are frequently responsible for trapping dust, pet fur and other particulate that may reduce IAQ to uncomfortable levels. Installing new floors can go a long way towards ensuring issues with IAQ are able to be addressed.

1. Carpets May Harbor Numerous Allergens

Even when cleaned regularly, carpet fibers may contain high quantities of pollutants. A dirty carpet or rug can cause no end of problems, especially for those who may suffer from a respiratory ailment. Removing carpeting and installing natural wood flooring can improve the aesthetic, create a more comfortable space and help to reduce the volume of dust and other airborne particulate that may circulating within an interior environment.

2. Eliminate Debris Trapped in Grout Lines

While tiled or stone floors may be a better bet than carpet, they may still leave a great deal to be desired. The nooks, crannies and grout lines typical of such installations may trap and collect debris tracked in from outside the home. Replacing these installations with wood floors can greatly reduce the time and effort that may be required to remove dirt, dust and even other pollutants that might cause problems.

3. Laminates May Be Difficult to Clean

At first glance, laminates and other synthetic materials may seem to be on par with wood flooring. Laminate floors that are more easily damaged can be notoriously difficult to maintain. Failing to sweep or mop regularly for fear of the wear and tear that floor may suffer can be the source of many IAQ problems within the home. Wood floors are tough enough to withstand the more vigorous and ongoing cleaning efforts needed to create a more ideal environment.

4. Hardwood Materials Ensure Ease of Maintenance

Kicking up dust while vacuuming carpets is a very common problem. Cleaning laminate floors may also have a negative impact on comfort levels due to the use of specialized products, agents and other chemicals which may be involved. Dealing with lingering odors whenever the floors are cleaned can quickly become a source of discomfort and frustration. The ease of maintenance, greater durability and overall value that only wood flooring can provide makes natural wood the material of choice for households that are concerned with their IAQ.

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Wood flooring has the potential to change the aesthetics of your home considerably. It’s important to review a few details to get what you want.

1. Bring Home Samples

You should bring some samples of wood flooring home with you. This gives you a chance to hold the wood grains and hues up to your countertops, cabinets, and furniture. If you want to make sure the flooring is going to look good in your home, you have to see what it’s going to look like. What looks good in the showroom might not look as good when you get it into your home with all of your surroundings.

2. Compare Options

There are many types of wood used in hardwood flooring. Further, there are many manufacturers. Some offer slightly different levels of gloss, different tints, and more. Instead of relying solely on one sample to check out in your home, compare the options. Bring three or four options in so you can decide what’s going to work the best.

3. Get Professional Measurements

Professionals can visit your home to measure everything. It will make it easier for you to get the exact measurements needed. If you miss a corner or forget about a nook, it can make it harder to get accurate pricing for your flooring. While you might be able to measure to get a ballpark price, it’s best to have a professional come out so that they can discuss all the details. They can also talk to you about options available for installation, including how stairs are handled.

4. Explore Trends

You should familiarize yourself with some of the latest wood flooring trends. This includes very light and very dark hues in the wood. Wider planks are also becoming very popular. If you want to have a modern look to your home, introducing one of the trends could be just what you need. It could also help you to make a few decisions so that the flooring company knows what products to show you.

5. Obtain a Written Quote

It’s always very important to get a written quote on flooring. You want to know the total cost of the products and installation so that there are no hidden fees. If you can’t afford the full amount, inquire about payment plans so that you can still get what you want right away.

By following a few tips, you can be sure to get beautiful flooring in your home.

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Choosing the perfect material for your new floors can lead you in many different directions. Hardwood flooring is gaining in popularity due to the relatively low maintenance costs. Below are six ways you can help keep the surface of your wood floor looking as great as the first day it is installed.

1. Keep the Floor Swept

All types of small debris can get carried in on clothing and other items. These can end up on the surface of your wood floors. Once they are stepped on it can cause an indentation or scratch. Keeping the floor swept is one way to make sure you do not have this sort of problem lurking.

2. Use Wood-Friendly Cleaners

Myriads of cleaners are available for general household cleaning, but only a few are considered safe for wood floors. When it comes to hardwood flooring, the gentler the product is, the better. make sure it is rated to be kind to your beautiful floors.

3. Lift Instead of Dragging

Inadvertent scratches can and will happen when you attempt to drag an item rather than bend and lift. It is worth taking a few extra minutes to move items safely over the surface of a wood floor. An object like a cart or tricycle can roll on wheels but lift and carry these items if they have been rolling on surfaces outside. They may have small pebbles or other debris caught in their wheels that can scratch the floors.

4. Keep Loose Items Off Floor

A wood floor is not the best area of the house to stack items like chopped wood for the fireplace, toys, or store bicycles. You should place protective coasters under the legs of all tables, chairs, and couches. These extra steps taken to preserve the surface will prove helpful.

5. Trim Pet Nails

It is never hard to know where your dog is when you hear the familiar click of their nails on the wood flooring. Their ability to jump on and off furniture with long nails can prove harmful to the surface of your wood floors over time. They can accidentally dig a claw into the wood and leave the surface marred. Keep the nails trimmed for their comfort and the benefit of your wood floor finish.

6. Rug Placement

You need to use strategic placement of area rugs in locations that see heavy foot traffic or have the potential of having heavy items set on the surface. Placing rugs in front of play areas, closets, entryway doors and in hallways are all recommended.

The attention you give to the care of wood flooring will help guarantee that the surface remains looking as good as new for years to come.

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Many homeowners today are overwhelmingly drawn to wood flooring when renovating or upgrading their property. Hardwood flooring has exceptional benefits for you to enjoy, such as relatively easy care and maintenance requirements, incredible appeal, durability, longevity and more. However, the type of wood floors that you install in your space can impact your property in numerous ways, and these four tips may help you to make a wiser buying decision.

1. Focus on the Wood Type

Selecting an ideal wood type for your home’s hardwood flooring installation project is critical. This is because some types of wood used as flooring may be harder or softer than others. The hardness of wood can affect how easily the floor is damaged through everyday use. In addition, the type of flooring that you select may play a direct role in the look of the floor. Remember that some types of wood have numerous knots, and others may have bold or muted striations.

2. Define Your Budget

As soon as you begin shopping around for new wood flooring for your home, you will notice that there is an incredible variation in prices. The wood type plays a role in the cost, but the thickness also varies directly with cost in many cases. The thickness of your hardwood or engineered wood may play a role in how often the flooring can be refinished before it may need to be entirely replaced.

3. Understand the Difference Between Solid and Engineered Floors

Solid hardwood is most ideal when you plan to refinish the floors in the future. This is because a solid floor surface has all grains running in the same direction, and these are single slats of thick wood. Engineered wood, on the other hand, has thin slats of wood that are firmly pressed together in different directions. This creates a durable material, but it makes refinishing the floor much more challenging.

4. Select the Right Stain Color

After you have reviewed the flooring options available based on these factors, you may have easily eliminated many styles from consideration. However, several types of wood flooring may remain as possible options for you to buy and install. The final step to take when buying hardwood flooring for your home is to select a desirable stain color. Focus on how a specific stain color will look based on the type of wood that you have selected.

While you may be eager to enjoy the finished result of a wood flooring installation project in your home, you should not rush through the decision-making process about materials. The material that you select may easily be in the home for decades or for the remainder of your time in the home.

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You want your home to look the very best. The right flooring can have a dramatic impact on how your entire home looks. With wood flooring, there are some tips to follow to make sure that you get the best deal (and the best look) possible.

1. Know Your Budget

It’s important for you to be able to identify your budget from the very beginning. There’s nothing worse than going over your budget and not being able to afford the wood flooring that you pick out. Once you know what you can afford, you can work backwards and decide how much you can pay per square yard.

Many flooring companies will work with you on your budget. They will measure the rooms and show you the products that are within your price range.

2. Obtain Samples

You should always look at samples inside your home. What looks good in a showroom might not work once you get it into your home with your lighting, the design of your cabinets and countertops, and more.

Have a flooring company come out or bring samples home from the store. Lay them out on the floor and look at the coloring and the grain in comparison to what is around. This will make it easier for you to choose wood flooring that you really love.

3. Use Professional Installers

Hardwood floors can last forever. However, they will often be more likely to last forever if you have the floors professionally installed. A company will send installers out to your home to measure. They will also do all of the cutting and installing of the wood so that there is nothing for you to do except enjoy the beauty of wood floors.

Professional installations will also make it easier for you to have a better transition from room to room. If you are going from wood to carpet, you want to make sure it is done properly.

4. Consider the Patterns

There are all sorts of patterns and designs that come with wood flooring. Parquet flooring, for example, is hardwood in the shape of wooden tiles. You can also adjust how the planks are installed to make your room look longer or wider than it really is. Give all of this some consideration before you have the crew start installing everything.

5. Follow Care Instructions

What you use to clean some types of floors are big no-nos for wood flooring. This means you need to follow the care instructions that came with the floors based on any kind of protective coating that might be on the wooden planks. You should plan on dry mopping the floors regularly. Then, steaming or waxing might need to be done periodically to keep the floors looking their best from year to year.

Keeping a few tips in mind when shopping for wood floors will make it easier for you to get what you want. Your home will look beautiful with wood. Plus, it can work within your budget, too.

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If you have decided to upgrade your home décor by installing wood flooring, you may be eager to enjoy the beautiful look of this material without delay. However, before you can move forward with the installation project, you need to review the materials options and select the right type of wood for your space. There are a few important points to consider if you want to make the most informed buying decision.

1. The Aesthetic Appeal
Each type of wood that you can choose to install in your home has a different look, and this is caused by the ability of the wood to retain stain well. It is also caused by the intensity of the grain as well as the knots. Some wood types typically have very few or no knots, and this includes:

  • Cedar
  • Bamboo

Other wood types may have many knots in it, and this includes:

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Knotty alder

This does not affect the quality of the wood, and it simply is a matter of aesthetic preference for the homeowner.

2. The Cost of the Flooring
Cost is another important factor to consider when you are selecting wood flooring for your home. The scarcity of the wood and where it is grown are two factors that can impact wood floor costs. Some of the more affordable options, such as pine, may be considered to be soft woods. This can affect durability as well. The softness is not always a primary factor in cost, so it is important to compare all options carefully and to look for sales on materials and labor expenses if you are shopping on a budget.

3. The Durability
When you think about durability for wood floors, you may think about finding a material that will not scratch or dent as easily. Your two primary wood flooring types include:

  • Solid hardwoods
  • Engineered wood floors

Some harder solid woods as well as engineered woods are very durable, but all wood will eventually show signs of wear. Durability may also describe the longevity of the material in the home, and some materials can be repeatedly sanded and refinished over the decades to enjoy greater use out of them. Solid hardwood typically can be refinished many more times than engineered wood, but the thickness of the wood slats also plays a role in this.

4. The Environmental Impact
Many homeowners are also concerned about the environmental impact associated with the wood material that you choose to install in your home. Eco-friendliness of wood may relate most closely with how quickly the material is replenished in a natural environment. For example, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing materials, and it is increasingly popular as a flooring choice in homes. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the more eco-friendly wood flooring options. However, some trees are grown on sustainable farms, and the use of this type of wood typically has minimal negative impact on the environment. Sustainable tree farms may grow a wide range of tree species, and this gives you greater opportunity to find an eco-friendly material that is right for your home.

As you can see, there are numerous factors that can affect your buying decision for your wood flooring project. Your materials selection will affect everything from your budget and the look of your home to your home maintenance tasks and even the environment. With this in mind, it is critical to carefully review all of the options before you decide which type of wood flooring to install in your home.

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When it comes to choosing between the hardwood and softwood floors, the hardwood floors tick all the right boxes. From durability to appearance, a hardwood floor will give you decades of service at no extra cost.

Hardwood flooring maintenance
If you do not want the hardwood floor to show the signs of abuse in the heavy traffic areas, regular polishing is advisable. Regular polishing helps to maintain the appearance of this wood floor as well as the value of your home. Before installing a hardwood floor, ensure that you undertake a thorough anti-termite treatment to protect your floor from termite damage. Ensure that the base drains properly before you install the floor to prevent the stagnation of water. Dry the floor completely when mopping to eliminate the water that could cause extensive damage. Avoid installing these floors in the bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. Avoid high heels, pet nails, or heavy traffic that could scratch the surface.

Hardwoods are renowned for their tensile strength. Oak is a slow-growing tree that takes some time to grow and strengthen its grains. Oak is a favorite choice for the construction of floor and furniture since it is extremely durable and strong. Besides the strong cellular structure, hardwoods have a unique appearance that suits an array of styles. You can also use several hardwood species to create one engineered wood floor. If you mix the reddish cedar and dark oaks, you can create a rare appearance that looks rustic.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring
The following are some of the reasons why the hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular in the residential buildings:
• Hardwood floors introduce a look of opulence and coziness to your home’s interior
• Hardwood floors age gracefully, meaning that their appearance improve with time
Hardwood flooring Toronto lasts for a lifetime, and the antique woods are a living testimony of this fact
• These floors attract less dust, meaning that they are not only easy to clean, but also healthy since they do not hold the allergens
• The hardwood floors resist the water damage, meaning that they are less prone to mold and mildew development
• These floors are less prone to damage or breakage, especially when a heavy object falls on them
• Since the planks are quite wide and heavy, they can mask the flaws of the underlying surface compared to the thin softwood planks and laminates
• The floors guarantee immense thermal comfort
• Like other wood floors, hardwoods are comfortable for the kids, especially during the cold season when floors become icy.

Besides the comfort and appearance, hardwood floors are easy to clean. With an occasional sweep and a regular mop, the floor will look beautiful for years. By sanding and applying some varnish, the floor can look as good as new.

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