home for sale in london, ontario

Home is where the heart is. For it is the one place you can truly be yourself. A place to relax, to let yourself be free and frank. Where you can unwind after a day of stress and really allow yourself to rejuvenate. You can eat, drink, have a nap or just listen to your favorite tracks while allowing yourself to breathe in that homely feeling. And a luxury home for sale in London Ontario is perhaps the greatest asset that one can have in this day and age. But what makes a home the perfect retreat? Well, a number of factors come into play.

First and foremost is the living quarters. It should be spacious, well decorated and have that ambience and aura of minimalistic comfort that can make your worries fade away. A comfortable bed combined with soothing interiors can just make your day. Add to that, sound controlled lighting and voice controlled display to greet you as soon as you wake up. And there you have the perfect mixture of technology with simplicity all around you. Also, an extra bedroom can be handy when you have some guests coming in or when a buddy needs a place to bunk.

The second most important area of your luxury dwelling is the bathroom. As trivial as it may sound, that is the second place that you completely let go of yourself and relax as uninhibited as possible. After all, the gush of warm water all over yourself while taking a shower and listening to your prized collection of 90’s hip-hop can soothe you and replenish your energy reservoirs all at the same time. A temperature control gizmo along with water jets through the walls, and you are all set for a memorable experience. Imagine how refreshing it would be to have your daily hygiene taken care of almost effortlessly.

It has been mentioned but now we really need to get into it. The technology. It is just impossible to shy away from it. From opening up the front door with the click of a button to a bot cleaning up while you sleep, technology makes things way easier than you think. Besides, the security options are unlimited with options such as Biometric unlawful entry restrictions. Yes, there is the entire range to choose from.

Now, we come to the powerhouse inside your home –The kitchen. You indeed deserve the best. And a commercial grade open space with wooden cupboards, ceramic chopping boards, and razor sharp knives is the way to go. Needless to say, all appliances integrated seamlessly to power on and off as per need so that you can realize the eco-friendly home that you always had a passion for. Add to that, a fully stocked fridge and a hidden wine cellar and you are set. Sometimes, people want a barbecue and so an outdoor kitchen for parties is a great idea. Combined with a Jacuzzi and a pool, this setup will surely make you a star in your social circle.

Now, having covered the basics, it is time to splurge. The gym is a passion with many of us. So, it is a must to have a place to keep your trim and fit. Equipment to hit every muscle group hard and a bang on music system to keep you going until you hit those goals is just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that, a body fat counter and a yoga space and it is a given that you would not leave that place anytime soon. Game room for the first person shooters and a theatre room for the movie buffs with 3D displays and surround sound are extras that you may think about depending on what kind of a person you are.

Do whatever you want in the listings . It is true that you only live once. So get what makes you feel good for there is only one place you can be yourself and that is your home. So, don’t hold back.

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